Here you will find materials that will help you write notes and information about our service. is an innovative portal where you will find a lot of interesting information and advice, as well as sell your “treasures from the attic”. Its most important function is a professional identification and valuation of items within 48 hours, which is possible thanks to the portal’s cooperation with antique and art dealers.

Due to cooperation with the best experts in specific fields, we help our users find out, for example, which period their family relics come from and what the estimated value of them is.

The nationwide Polish social networking portal that is also present in other countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Russia is a meeting place for collectors, antique dealers, aesthetes and all art lovers. The portal publishes articles and thematic interviews.

In the near future, a calendar of cultural events and places where antique fairs are held will be prepared. The users will also have access to the catalogue of companies and institutions from the industry, as well as websites for collectors and cultural events.

The creators of the portal desire to get acquainted with the work of treasure hunters who deal with this topic, that is not yet appreciated in our country, as well as to give everyone a chance to find out in a simple and pleasant way what forgotten items they have in their own home. Who knows what treasures we will find!

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