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Memories, family stories and sentiments are priceless but antiques can be valued. Through item valuation we can learn an item’s real market worth. The souvenirs you put in your attic or those you inherited from your grandfather may turn out to be precious. We are aware that for you they may mean something completely different and as of now you don’t even take it into consideration to sell them. However, there are different circumstances than might make you wonder what the actual price of a lamp standing in your living room or of an old book collection passed through generations is. Valuation of antiques, books, paintings or old clocks is a step that every owner of such a valuable item should take. The assessment from a reliable, independent expert will contain the actual price value of a given item, thus providing its owner with useful knowledge. It may prove to be necessary in a financial crisis or for donation or inheritance.

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What do you need valuation for?

There are many situations in which you may need a valuation - sale, donation, inheritance... Regardless of the reason, our experts will professionally examine your item and share their expertise.

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What we value

We can value almost anything from vintage clothing through ancient armour, collector cards and even vintage cars and real estate.

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Do you want to learn more about works of art, collectibles, old coins or expensive wines? Check out our blog, where you'll find a lot of interesting trivia.

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Why ValuePedia?

The art market can often be viewed as inaccessible, and the process of valuation of your artwork or an antique object can be time-consuming and complex. ValuePedia's strategy is simple: make the valuation process as simple as possible for the client, offer the best expertise, prepare a written valuation report and do it all within 48 hours.

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